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I believe that every independent store deserves the support that is not always easily affordable. Over the past sixteen years of supporting craft stores I have developed systems, products and services that enable the independent owner to be more successful.

Your Challenge

As the owner of a brick and mortar store, you are up against a potentially overwhelming cast of people, mass retailers and suppliers who often don't have your best interests at heart. The mass retailers are giving away 50% off coupons every week. The large online stores are using loss leaders on common items to fool your customers' into thinking that all their products are cheaper than yours. The magazines support the brand names of the manufacturer and suppliers, not the  stores that sell their products.  Last but not least many instructors are referring your business elsewhere and receiving an disproportionate  amount of the class fee. I understand that extraordinary efforts are required by you to compete with these companies and tactics. With all this in mind I know I can  give you something far superior.

Our Solution

In taking these classes on the road, I recognize that you and I needed a solution that will increase your profits and the student's satisfaction levels. By answering these two questions, "What will make it easier and more profitable for you" and "What are class day problems that should be addressed", I believe I have reached that goal.

When you host a class the instructor will:

  • Only recommend your store for supplies. (unless you request otherwise, or don't supply the need items.)
  • Use class surveys to promote future classes at your store.
  • Have students setup and clean up.
  • Work to assure that the finished jewelry are quality pieces.

When you host one of our Silversmithing classes you will be furnished with:

  • Masters for flyers, bag handouts, small and large in-store signs.
  • Branded web page you can host or link to.
  • The ability for your students to sign up and pay on-line, by phone or at your store.
  • A 7 A.M. to 7 P.M. "questions and answers" phone line (for you and potential students)
  • An exceptional commission structure.
  • Material and supplier lists, with wholesale costs and recommended retail prices, weeks ahead of the class. (so you can sell products on class day)
  • We will bring supplies and tools to sell, if you decide not to inventory them, on which you will receive a commission.
  • Referrals to your hosted class that come directly from our website.
  • And best of all, if you don't already carry a silversmithing product line you get the education required to establish another profit center at a minimum investment.
  • A support website where you can print your branded bag labels for the silversmithing supplies you can sell.
  • More...

What's next?

Please give me a call at 916 548-7361 and ask for David Smith and I will get you any other information you might need and setup a date and time for a class.


  Store Experiences:
I knew from the moment that I spoke with Dave on the phone that his silversmithing class would be a hit at Gahanna Bead Studio; and I was not mistaken! Dave's work is not only beautiful, but he has an innate sense of how to impart that knowledge to his students, leading them with constructive criticism, humor and patience. He fulfilled all of my expectations, but even more so, he exceeded my students' expectations! He arrived on time, held class in an organized fashion, was generous with supplies, gave each student individual attention, and on top of all that, he was mindful of any shop needs. As a store owner himself, Dave understands the relationship between retail stores and teachers, and he works to insure that his class is beneficial to both, as well as to the students. From a shop's perspective, all teachers should aspire to "Be Like Dave". He sets a high bar, one that I myself intend to emulate. Thanks, Dave, for making my students happy and for making me a better shopkeeper and teacher."
Helen O'Donnell,
Gahanna Bead Studio

I cannot tell you how much I appreciate you teaching the beginning Silversmithing class at my store last weekend.  The pricing of the class was very fair and we sold the class out within two weeks of announcing it via email and paper handout.  The response from the ten students was outstanding.  I took the class along with my customers and thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it.  We learned a lot from you.  At least half of the students purchased supplies.  This class is specifically designed for the serious hobbyist.  You made it easy to learn.  The tools are inexpensive compared to what the local community college suggests for this type of class.  You were so helpful to me as a store owner to understand what I need to purchase for additional sales in my store.  I appreciate you recommending to the class to purchase their tools and supplies from my local store first before going out to the web to get them.  Thank you very much for your considerate sensitivity to my needs as a store owner.  I understand more precisely what tools and supplies are necessary for this type of hobby and intend on providing these supplies to my future customers.
Fran Marsh
Frani's Beads


Our students were thrilled with the beginning class. All rated the class with A's and B's on the survey forms. Most said they would like to come back for the advanced class. They bought me out of torches, charcoal blocks, ring mandrels and tweezers.

Sue Mancheno-Smith

Beads Amore'