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How to Make Money Selling
 Your Jewelry Creations!
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Quickly learn the secrets to start or expand your jewelry business!

Find out what to sell, write the copy, how to create stunning images and how to keep the jewelry moving out the door to your customers with the profit going into your pocket.

This seminar will get you started on the right path and show you how to stay there. A single day of fun, high energy instruction, where you will learn  to make money selling your hand made jewelry creations.

You'll learn where to sell and how to quickly build a profitable home based business and how to do shows and exhibitions on a shoestring budget.

You can run your own jewelry business from home, and EARN MONEY !

Highly recommended!

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This training will make it easy for you to get your jewelry business started and/or expand your jewelry business to more shows and on-line. 

With this seminar, you'll quickly learn:
  • How to build your jewelry business into the online and offline store that your customers want to return to time after time.
  • How to find the shows, exhibitions and marketplaces to sell your jewelry
  • How to write the kind of copy required to get noticed by buyers.
  • The three words you should include in every auction listing if you want to get the maximum bids
  • The best (and worst) times to start and end your auctions.
  • Why you should have your own website, not just an Etsy or eBay site and how to create it in just a few hours.
  • Why to automate your auction business including re-listing, shipping and repeat auctions
  • How to use a top secret research technique to quickly find what products are getting the most bids on eBay (and how to use this information to increase your own auction profits)
  • A tool to analyze other sites Etsy sales.
  • How to create stunning photo images of every product you sell, and why having a certain type of image on your auction listings can significantly increase bid prices.
  • What tools help take the work out of the sales process.
  • And Much Much More
You will be introduced to one tool that will pay for itself 10 times over the first time you use.

This seminar covers all of the above and much, much more. You'll even find handy step by step guides that will help you through to your ultimate success.

Special discount pricing
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If you are thinking about doing business on eBay, Etsy, your own website or at shows, fairs and exhibitions then you need this seminar. Attending this seminar will quickly show you the ropes, and goes much further - to provide you with the real secrets of building a jewelry business for fun and profit.

Of course, one of the BIGGEST and MOST VALUABLE parts of this seminar is the fact that you can be up and running with your on-line and off line jewelry business by just following simple steps. Learn the shortcuts from an expert.

Your presenter, David Smith, designed, published, maintained and marketed websites for companies that consistently produced sales of over $1,000,000 per year related to those websites for over 7 years. As a multifaceted business owner  for over 34 years, he has sold products in many types of markets including, automotive services, insurance, automobiles, real estate, information technology, health services, Internet, education, beading supplies and jewelry.

As a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer with Plus Internet Certification he has been designing, publishing and maintaining websites since 1996. As a true specialist in internet technologies he developed the first on-line store creation tools on the Internet. He founded AdvantageNet, Embryo, Appsynthesis, Digital Nervous Systems, Beads Amore' and

David created the world's first online 3D Internet store and has placed online over 6000 products online. Over the last eighteen years he has published twenty different newsletters for fourteen companies with delivery of over 1500 different issues.

You'll receive great support materials to make it easy for you to build your jewelry business.

At this seminar you will receive a step by step manual to follow along with at the seminar. You will receive a seminar CD that contains all the materials and online references discussed during the seminar.

Included is an easy to use spreadsheet that will enable you to calculate your materials cost and the sales price of your jewelry.  In addition a calculator is included to assist you in determining your true cost of doing business. With it you will be able to factor those overhead costs into the jewelry you are selling. Also included are several articles and e-books to further your knowledge, including  50 Jewelry Selling Techniques e-Book by David Weiman

Here is a brief look at some of the content that will be presented at the seminar:
  • Session #1 - Product
     Inspired Products
     Copyright considerations
     How to choose, design and be inspired to create a similar piece of jewelry.
     Where to go to get ideas
     Diversified Pricing Strategy
     How to tell if it is selling elsewhere
     Testing to see if your product is marketable
     Where not to test
     Controlling costs
  • Session #2 - Marketing your Jewelry
    Your own brand - - Pinterest - Instagram
    Craft Shows - Expos
    Sales funnels
    Your own website
    Types Places How to choose
    How to work a show for profit
  • Session #3 Photography
    Consistently photographing your jewelry
    Camera, Why Digital only or smart Cell Phone
    Lighting Key factors - Light Control - Light Box
    Props Set the atmosphere
    Backdrops Cleanliness is next to
    Software Free and expensive
    Video When and where to use
    Publishing You Tube, Pinterest, Face Book & elsewhere
  • Session #4 - Long Term
    Keeping the sales coming
    Follow up
    E-mail Campaigns
    Top of mind awareness
    Twitter -Facebook -You Tube - Pinterest, flicker, Blogs, Instagram, LinkedIn
    Accounting - Keeping Score
    Ledger Manual or Automated
    Operating a business. 

This seminar location will be at multiple locations across the United States. The seminar will provide coffee, Tea and water. Other non-alcoholic beverages are allowed. We will take a one hour lunch break.

" Come join us for a day of learning and enlightenment"  David Smith

The cost of this class has been reduced from $295.00 to  only $195.00 because the hosting store is furnishing the meeting room.

This class is 8 hours on the same day.
Seminar size is not limited, if the hosting store is to small we will acquire a local classroom close the facility

Sorry, no classes are scheduled at this time, please visit to review our scheduled classes. Thank you.

If this seminar does not work out for you to attend, please let us know. We expect to be conducting this seminar here again.  Help us make that happen by joining our twice monthly mailing of our scheduled classes & seminars.

Other questions: please contact David Smith by email at or give me a call at 916 548-7361


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Our customers' thoughts
 about our seminar:

Seminar Reviews

Julie F., North Bend, OR  February 21, 2010

Wow! What a class. I have been fiddling around trying to sell my jewelry for the last couple of years. I was pretty disappointed with my profit to work ratio. Your talk about raising the price of my pieces was really hard to swallow when I wasn't selling them very often and at barley what it cost me to make them. So I figured "What do I have to lose"! It really worked I upped the price by three times what I had been asking and sold more in one day than I had sold all year. Thank you so much.


 Sally G.,  Sacramento, CA July 15. 2010

Thanks for doing this seminar. I have applied several of your suggestions and set up fundamental rules like you suggested and it has effected my whole like, especially the pleasure I get from making and selling my jewelry. I found my niche and am selling consistently.

Darleen K., Warsaw, IN  August 15, 2010

Dave! I am mad at you! I used your tools and started selling so much that my husband now expects me to make money regularly. No seriously, I only implemented a few of the things you taught me in class and it changed the way my jewelry business was heading. My time is so much more productive than it used to be. Thank you.

Marty C. October 12, 2013

Sorry I am getting this response to your question "How are things going" back to you so late, a little over three years now. When I attended your seminar I was Gung Ho to go back home and really pursue selling my creations. Life got really in the way. my cancer, my husbands passing, my daughters wedding and about a dozen other things. When I retired this year I picked up the workbook and CD I got in class and started back through it. I got Gung Ho again and started doing what I learned. I now have a great business and extra income to augment my retirement.


Connie P.,  May 1 2010

I found my niche! You helped me focus my efforts and get what my time is worth. I now pay for my supplies and keep a little extra. The seminar was great and I am anxious to take more classes with you. Thank you David!