Intermediate Silversmithing Classes

Intermediate Silversmithing Class Bracelets & Rings

Intermediate Silversmithing Class Bracelets & Rings
This intermediate class is available to any student that has attended our Beginning Silversmithing Class. We may also accept students that have previous silversmithing experience. That experience must include creating several  bezel set pendants using hard solder. Students who have attended Beginning Silversmithing by Don Norris, Joe Silvera or Chad Parker are welcome. If you haven't taken a class with any of us but you have experience please give me a call so that we may discuss your skill level before you sign up. My number is 916 548-7361. If you have purchased my Intermediate Video Series DVD previously I will extend a $50.00 credit to the price of materials.

Interchangeable Bracelet  Class

In the Intermediate Silversmithing Bracelets class you will create a:


Bracelet This bracelet is a three quarter oval bracelet with formed ends that enable a mounted bead, step mounted cabochon, bezel mounted cabochon or charm to be easily fastened into place to make the bracelet into a complete oval bracelet.

Stepped Bezel Cabochon Mount   a bezel that does not require a backing or padding. It does require the Cabochon to be uniform in shape. . It also has a mount that is sized to the bracelet it is to be used with. Bring your own or pick from our dozens of cabochons for this special project.

Universal link mount This mount enables a designer to create specifically theme based bracelets without having to create a specifically sculpted piece for every bracelet he or she creates. Thousands of unique charms are readily available from many companies to use with this link.

Bracelet  making skills you will learn in this class:
  the forming of a bracelet using a tapered bracelet mandrel
  internal step bezel soldering
  quick bezel creation using step bezels
  proper technique for using a burnishing tool
  to create identifying marks on your metal projects
  work harden a bracelet
  determine total bracelet length from a wrist size measurement
  create a universal mount
  using a ring holder to assist polishing
  how to place embellishments in front of cabochons
Materials used in the class are:
  a cabochon or fused glass
  sterling wire for embellishments and rings
  pattern wire
  solder and expendables
  bracelet sterling wire
  please bring a soldering ready cabochon mount if you wish to finish more than one focal point
  please bring a cabochon or expect to purchase one for an interchangeable "Focal Point" on your bracelet maximum width 1  1/2 inches
You will also receive:
  Size tables for interchangeable cuff bracelets and focal points
In the Intermediate  Silversmithing Rings class you will one of the following rings:

Dual Band Ring Class

Dual Band Ring with V shaped attaching point

The challenge of the dual band ring is a clean solder joint where he ring shank meets the cabochon base.  A clean solder joint means less to no polishing in a hard to reach area. In this class you will learn how to use a jewelers saw, ring bending pliers, ring mandrel, ring gauge, ring clamp, ring tumble polisher and more.

You will be expected to have some soldering ability.  I enthusiastically recommend that you bring a bezel cup or bezel plate and stone that you would like to mount. A stone and bezel or bezel plate that demonstrates your unique style. If you can't bring a stone and bezel plate or bezel cup then I have about 20 different cabochons with bezel cups that are 13x18 mm. The Turquoise in the picture above is a 13x18 mm.  My recommendation is for a stone and cup or bezel plate that would be similar or larger than those  pictured above, but this is a your ring so pick or make something that will demonstrate your style or creativity.
Since some of my students soldering ability is a little rusty I will give a one hour demo on safety and fundamentals.  Within two hours you will be creating your ring. We expect that you can make at least one ring in class, we may be able to make two based on the student skill levels.

Ring  making skills you will learn in this class:
  how to form a ring shank using ring bending pliers
  use of a jewelers saw & how to pick a blade size
  proper technique for using a burnishing tool
  work hardening a ring
  using a ring clamp and ring mandrel to assist polishing
  a technique to get proper alignment of ring band to top
  a method for quick polishing the inside of a ring band
  a method for no solder cleanup where ring band touches top
  how to place embellishments in front of mounted cabochons
  to develop rapid product fabrication skills
  to create a hammered surface on silver
  use of a tumble polisher with steel shot
Materials that are used and available in the class are:
  bezel cup or bezel plate with cabochon
  cast sterling embellishments (optional)
  pattern wire (optional)
  twisted wire (optional)
  solder and expendables (included in materials costs)
  dual half round sterling wire  (included in materials costs)
You will also receive:
  A link to the 7 hour series of this class  (6  full screen video series of class plus bonuses)
Frequently asked questions and terms and conditions.
You will also receive:
  Size tables for interchangeable cuff bracelets and focal points

Cost:: $345.00 (plus materials fee on class day of $70 to $120 depending on the designs you choose) 16 hours over two consecutive days, max students: 8

These classes usually fill up fast so please sign up today. 
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