Free beading projects. Some of these are bit dated and we do not sell the components used on these projects. We created them when we had our Bead store in Indianapolis, Indiana. Please enjoy:

Basic Techniques...
Basic Loop How to make a machine style loop - Video
Crimping How to use Crimp Tubes - Video
Jump Rings How to open and close Jump Rings - Video
Memory_Wire Using Memory Wire - Video
Polymer Clay How to make a polymer clay bead - Video
Stretchy_Bracelet Using stretchy cord - Video
Tools Tools used in beading - Video

Bead Stringing
Button Bracelet The Button makes the Braclet an easy on and off project…
Candy Canes These cuties will make you mouth water.
Celebrity Lariat Celebrity Lariat.. Inspired by a necklace worn by Sarah Jessica Parker in the movie Failure To Launch
Cherry Earrings Festive, Red and a real eye catcher!
Classic Illusion Necklace Classic Illusion Necklace… Absolutely Stunning in Swarovski Crystal and Pearls
Classic Pearl Necklace Classic Pearl Necklace… Very elegant, inexpensive, and versatile. Desinged to be adjustable for many occasions.
Crystal and Pearl Necklace Crystal and Pearl Necklace ... Elegance streams and sparkles from this necklace.
Crystal Heart Necklace Radiant Crystal Heart Necklace
Elegant Watermelom Elegance on a budget! Elegant Watermelon? Why not?
Fibonacci Necklace Fibonacci Necklace --- This coded necklace uses the Fibonacci Sequence to achieve a very different look.
Gold and Crystal Loop Earrings This classic elegant loop style will never grow old. - Article
Movie Star Caribbean Blue Earrings.htm Is this what they wear in Hollywood? Or just in the movies?
Palm Tree Earrings It's 5 O'Clock Somewhere!
Rear View Mirror Dangle Rear View Mirror Dangle … Zoom, Zoom Zooom Sparkle-Sparkle-Sparkle
Rosary on Beading Wire Rosary on Beading Wire… Some of the most beautiful necklaces ever created are Rosaries. Let your inner soul pick the beads for this project.
Rose Quartz Pendant Necklace Rose Quartz Pendant Necklace… Basic in style, Elegant in implementation. This necklace can be as unique as desire with it's Stone Flower focal point.
Salvation Bracelet Salvation Bracelet… Very popular style that mixes silver and crystal
Sharks Tooth Necklace Sharks Tooth Necklace… Very simple, very basic and very mascline. Any bot would wear this one.
Silver Loop Bracelet Silver! Loops! What else could you ask for!
Tiger Eye Lariat Tiger Eye Lariat… This knotted Cord Necklace is and easy project and yet very luxurious in character.
Twice Around Golden Lariat Bling, Bling, Bling, This 54 inch Lariat will razzel dazzel em.

Bead Weaving
Snowflake Bracelet Snowflake Braclet …. His unusual design was created using classic construction style. It also uses a heavier wire and stearling clasp for more strength.

Wire Working
Spiral Earrings These unique Earrings will dazzel you with their simplicity. - Article
Ear Threads Hot, Hot, Hot! This style swept the fashion world this year. Simple, Inexpensive and Elegant. - Article
Flowers Flowers … WOW! This is so easy and so beatiful. Amaze yourself and your friends with these creations.
Fringed Ladder Bracelet Fringed ladder Bracelet… Wild and unique best describes this design. Make your own one of a kind.
Amethyst Chandelier Pendant with Liquid Silver Amethyst Chandelier Pendant with Liquid Silver … Very different and a base that will customize easily to your colors
Loopdi Loop Loopdi Loop… Here we go Loopdi Li. A visual primer on how to make a basic loop and a beautiful necklace to boot.
Jet Black Bangles Bracelets Jet Black Bangle … So easy jet so flashy. Very inexpensive with an elegant feel.
Chain and Wire Earrings Chain and Wire Earrings… Another quick and easy project with an exciting look!
Fancy Clasp Chain Necklace Fancy Clasp Chain Necklace… The Clasp is the Focal Point
Fourth-of-July Flag Pin ...A festive pin to support your country.
Wire Wrapped Doughnut A beautiful jade doughnut decorated with spirals, wire and beads.
Spiral Stud Earrings Using beautiful Czech glass beads, these earrings can be made to match any outfit.
Love Knot Earrings Use a dowell rod to get this unique looking earring.
Ear Threads with Pendant A variation that add some pizzazz to Ear Thread
Split Ring Bracelet Connect, Connect, Connect! With this project you will connect it all and get very proficient with Split rings
Flower Link Bracelet Connect, With this project you will connect it all and get very proficient with two hole links
Spring Break Rectangles with Dangles Simple yet eye catching.


For more details or to sign up call please give me a call  Dave at 916 548 7361

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This was the greatest class and instructor EVER!
I went into this class thinking it would be very tedious, something fun to try, probably make something cool, but not anything I would try again. My main objective was to learn about soldering without having to invest money in tools/materials I might never use again.
Dave is a great teacher. The class was nonstop education. It was a lot of info on selling, techniques, tips, etc. Never did I feel rushed or bogged down. Dave took a great amount of time individually helping each of us. Answering even unrelated questions. He showed us ways to make silver smiting fast (big fan) and profitable.
I completed 2 projects, and felt confident enough to help a couple other students a bit. I am in awe of my projects, and although they are not my usual aesthetic, I love them, and will now set up a space to do more pieces, combining the techniques I learned with some enameling techniques.
I can't rave about Dave enough. He is so organized, calm, patient and funny. He is safety conscious and critiques your work by teaching you what you could do better. He makes you feel confident in what you are doing.
If you get the chance, take his class. I can't wait for the advanced ones.

Class review by Miranda Ackerley:

This is the perfect class for anyone wanting to learn how to be a successful silversmith, whether for yourself or your business. I’ve taken a silversmithing class before, but was unable to continue making silversmithing pieces because of how expensive the supplies were. Therefore, I was most impressed by how affordable the tools and supplies used in this silversmithing class were. Unlike other silversmithing classes, Dave taught me how to use supplies that are less expensive and don’t require their own room to keep from burning my house down. After the class, I was able to purchase the supplies and set up an area on my kitchen table to work without spending a small fortune. I think Dave can make any unsure beginner feel like an expert, and I left with the confidence to make beautiful pendants on my own.

Class Review By Alexis Brown

Just a note to thank you again for the great Intro to Silversmithing class. I learned so much in the 2 short days... and you gave me such a renewed appreciation for Southwestern jewelry.  I have a large collection of Native American jewelry that I have collected for many years... just looking at those pieces now, and realizing what is involved to create these pieces... well, I'm in awe!.

Karen V

Dave Smith’s Beginning Silversmithing class was AWESOME! Two days of nonstop education. Dave is very organized, patient and entertaining. He took time to help each person individually while keeping the rest of the class working too. He is safety conscious and critiques your work by teaching you what you could do better while instilling confidence in what you are doing. I am quite impressed with my project pieces and can't wait for the advanced class. I have been making and selling beaded jewelry for about 4 years and while I love the creative aspect, I haven’t really found my ‘nitch’. Until now! Thanks Dave,

Laury H

Hi Dave, I just wanted to thank you again for the Silversmithing class you taught at Beadoholique in Spring, Texas. I had a great time and FINALLY learned to solder without being scared of it. I am quite happy with my piece and enjoyed your way of teaching. I too teach jewelry classes and I'm a fine silver snob!! There's nothing like it although I am told gold is wonderful to work with but too rich for my 'not very deep' pockets! Thanks again and I hope to be in another one of your classes somewhere in time.

 Kathy C.

I have been wanting to attend a silversmithing class to learn about the techniques because I didn't want to learn on my own, and I am so glad I waited! I was blown away with the quality of instruction and how many techniques we were able to learn in just two days. Everything we needed was provided for the class, and I was so impressed with the preparation that is taken to get ready for students. Dave was great with giving 1 on 1 attention to each student (even in a large class), was extremely patient for those that were slower learners, and made difficult techniques seem simple with giving professional hints and tips. Plus he even pushed through and continued the course when he was sick. Dave gave us lots of options to get everything we needed to start on our own, including tools, materials, and instructional dvd's/'online content at very competitive prices as well. I was so impressed with my own work and enjoyed it so much that I decided to purchase a kit and the online instruction so I could review our techniques and learn new ones. The online content is fabulous; it gives you a view that would just be like your own on the bench, and even shows how to prevent or fix mistakes! Dave gave me the confidence to start making pieces the very next day on my own, and I'm very excited to have learned this skill. I couldn't have been happier with the class and the instructor. If you decide to take this course I guarantee you will not be disappointed!


Melissa M.

Hi Dave, I was in your class at Argenta Bead Company this past September. After your class I took another beginner silversmith class because a pendant, ring and possibly a bracelet was to be taught and I wanted more practice and knew I'd probably get to learn different techniques with silversmithing. So far the class has only worked on a ring. I am very thankful I found your class because this class is more of a craft class. I got to experience an acetylene torch, saw, warm pickle and paste flux (I prefer your method for flux & pickle) but it has been very frustrating and illogical with some procedures. Many students have had to re-solder pieces because the instructor did not do a good job at showing how to manipulate the solder with heat. Because you made us watch twice how solder follows heat I was able to save my solder when it balled up on the inside of my ring connection. Very proud moment for me because I was in a state of panic. There is much more I can point out but it would be a book. If I hadn't found your class and took just this other one I would have given up on making jewelry, and I want this to be a business. So thank you for sharing your skills and experience. I hope to take another class from you some day.


Rick C.

This was so much more than a soldering class. I went home and created jewelry for my wife and kids. They love it!

Tiffany H.

OMG! I am so looking forward to the advanced silversmithing class. I am the only student at my school who is making their own sterling body art.


 Amber T.

I tried learning in on-line silversmithing classes but there just wasn't enough detail about how to solder a bezel or how to handle the problems I was having. Dave covered all that in class. My comfort level is enough now that I plan to start selling as soon as I get enough pieces created.