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Lapis syn
Lapis syn and other minerals and semi-precious stones pictures This site has over 80 pictures of used to make beads, a library of minerals used for common beads and Cabochons. This website provides 50 basic project and 7 Beginning Beadng Videos and awesome Silversmithing Vidoes and Classes Lapis lazuli is a blue stone which is a combination in nature of lazurite, calcite, pyrite and other minerals in the sodalite family. It's uniform, massive and granular appearance make a very distinctive appearance. It holds a polish very well and is made into many shapes. It often has inclusions of pyrite which may give gold veins or calcite which produce white veins. It may also have an opaque appearance.
Lapis is a beautiful royal blue stone often associated with royalty. Hindus believe Lapis strung on gold wire and worn by children will protect them from all manners of evils, even night frights.

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