Shopify Setup and Hands On Training  Class

I have been inundated with inquiries on how to get my students products on line and which tools to use. I decided to add a class that teaches just that. After many hours of online research trying different systems. I determined that Shopify is probably the easiest and most thorough of all the online offerings. It is useable and affordable for the novice and expandable enough for the professional with a high volume of sales.

Here are a few  of the things we will cover to get you up and running.

Registering With Shopify

How to configure your general & payment settings

How to configure Your shipping!

How to enable your store

Choose the right theme

Configure collections & groups for your products

Configuring basic search engine optimization on each product

Making a single product listing

Configuring basic search engine optimization on each product

Making product variations & more options

Customize Your Store Theme

Making featured listing

Create a free deal listing

How to activate your Shopify store

How to customize store navigation & catalog menu

How to pick a domain for your store

How to register a domain for an  affordable price

This class is scheduled for  Thursday, January 18th, 2017 at's  Studio at Saunders Lake, North Bend, Oregon.

You will need to bring a WIFI enabled Laptop computer, Ipad or
other web enabled communication device to build your website.

Shopify Setup and Hands On Training  Class

 is included as a part of the Silversmithing Retreat at the Lake
registration and payment here is not required

If you want to attend only the Shopify Class it is  $149.99


Of course you can sign up for a Shopify Website using the "Get Started Free" button below

Shopify has a separate monthly fee that is for their service. We are teaching only and not collecting money for their service.

Other questions: please contact David Smith by email at or give me a call at 916 548-7361